Wechsler Intelligence Scales (WAIS and WISC)

These are the most widely used scales of cognitive ability for both children and adults.  They are recently re-developed and updated measures that help you with occupational and educational decisions as well as with treatment planning.  These tools go beyond a single score to help you better understand how you process information.

Wechsler Memory Scales

This measure is the most powerful memory assessment available.  It points out areas of memory strength and those that can be improved.  It works with the Wechsler Intelligence Scales to give a complete picture of cognitive functioning.

Myers Briggs Type Indicators

 This is a personality inventory that helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you communicate with others.  It tells you about your personality type and how that influences your way of interacting with other people.  It is a key to understanding the differences among people and improving your ability to communicate in business and personal relationships.


This device provides a comprehensive and detailed assessment of personality based on five important personality factors.  Each of the five factors are then divided into six specific facets of personality to give you a comprehensive, detailed assessment of your personality.  You can use these results in understanding your relationships at work and at home.  It helps you to understand your strengths so that you can use your assets to move your life in a more positive direction.

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)

The MMPI is a widely used test of personality.  Extensive research has proven this test to be very effective in its ability to elucidate various clinical diagnoses.  It is helpful for planning treatment and also provides an understanding of normal adjustment.  It provides support for career and counseling recommendations and provides valuable insights for use in marriage and family counseling. 

Strong Vocational Interest Inventory

This is a highly reliable measure of vocational interests.  It can help you to choose among the career options that you are considering, or it may even produce options that you had not considered.  It helps you to select jobs and fields of study as well as hobbies that match your interest patterns.