Director - Psychological Resource Center, 1500 Walnut Street, Suite 1102, Philadelphia, Pa.  19102.  Supervision  of a group of health professionals including psychologists and psychological trainees in  the  provision  of psychological services.    Individual,   family   and group psychotherapy.     Psychodiagnostic evaluation    of    adults, adolescents and children. Corporate consultation including organizational development, training and executive appraisal.  Program development and delivery.


Adjunct Professor - Drexel University, 32nd and Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., 19104. Teaching of cognitive psychology, including processes of memory, attention, learning, creativity, intelligence and neuropsychology.


Adjunct Professor - Philadelphia University Teaching theories of counseling psychology, including cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, self and depth psychology, analytic therapy, humanistic and existential therapy methods.


Practicum Director -  Capella University, The University of Pennsylvania.  Training of Doctoral candidates in psychology in psychological testing, psychotherapy and ethical practice management.


Psychology Panel Member - The Pennsylvania Bureau of Disability Evaluation.  Forensic level evaluations of social security disability applicants.


Staff  Psychologist  - Management Scientists,  Inc. Park  Towne  Place,  22nd Street and   Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia,  Pa.  Human  resources planning; administration and interpretation  of psychological   test   batteries  for use  in   the   selection, advancement and retention decisions of management personnel.


Staff Psychologist - Friends Hospital, Roosevelt Boulevard and Adams  Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.    Group  and individual psychotherapy with adults and  adolescents.  Family  therapy.   Diagnosis and personality    evaluation.  Preparation of reports using interview, objective and  projective techniques.   Consulting with multi-disciplinary staff  including psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers and adjunctive  therapy personnel.


Staff  Psychologist - Psychological  Services  Center,   Temple University, Broad St. and Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, Pa..  Psychotherapy with children and adults.





Training of  doctoral and post-doctoral level psychologists, trainees and students in:

  • Cognitive behavioral methods of therapy for Axis I and Axis II disorders
  • Projective testing
  • Diagnostic interviewing
  • Evaluation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related disorders for forensic
  • Utilization of cognitive time perception style in facilitating cognitive therapy progress
  • Cognitive and behavioral techniques of managing insomnia and various sleep pattern disturbances
  • Utilization of cognitive and behavioral strategies in treatment of children and adolescents
  • Assessment of cognitive functioning: neuropsychological and intelligence testing
Workshops and training  designed for and presented to non-academic participants:
  • Cognitive and behavioral methods of conflict resolution
  • Cognitive and behavioral communication methods
  • Cognitive and behavioral  stress management
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Process analysis and organizational training of sales and marketing activities
  • Meyers Briggs Type Inventory and team building
Additional professional training and areas of expertise:
  • Hypnosis
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Cognitive therapy of borderline personality disorder
  • Psychoimmunology
  • Management of the high risk patient
  • Temple University, B.A., Experimental and Clinical Psychology.
    Awarded summa cum laude
  • Temple University, Ph.D., Psychology
  • Hypnosis
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Cognitive therapy of borderline personality disorder
  • Psychoimmunology
  • Management of the high risk patient
  • Pennsylvania Psychologist License Number PS  003291 - L.