Jeanne Griffin is a clinical and consulting psychologist trained in various systems of systems analysis, crisis intervention, stress management and communication.  Jeanne Griffin also has special expertise in the area of utilizing psychological testing.

 Dr. Griffin has over twenty-five years experience as a clinical psychologist in private practice with adults. She taught Theories of Counseling at Philadelphia University, and has expertise in a wide range of therapy styles. Her approach includes dream analysis, meditation, and depth psychology methods as alternatives to more traditional cognitive behavioral methods.

Dr. Griffin also has also provided psychological assistance to groups and individuals experiencing a wide range of trauma and severe stress in the workplace. Her consulting work includes communication training, team building, and understanding of individual personality style as a component of a company’s culture.

 Dr. Jeanne Griffin also has special expertise in the area of Cognitive Psychology, which includes topics such as memory and forgetting, attention, thinking, and decision making.  She has taught this area of advanced psychology at Drexel University.